What is the Marketplacer Analytics API and why would you use it.

Analytics API Overview

The Marketplacer Analytics API can give you access to a rich analytical dataset based on your Marketplacer data. It can:

  • Act as the data-source to drive BI tools such a Tableau and Power BI
  • Be ingested directly into your own systems to drive functions like reporting
  • Be used directly via GraphQL queries to provide immediate insights

It differs from both our Operator and Seller APIs in that it specializes in the provision calculated data measures, as opposed to just providing individual data points.

For example the Analytics API can provide measures such as:

  • Invoice Totals for a given time period
  • Average Invoice value for last financial year
  • Total Commission paid to your Sellers

How do I get access?

Currently access to the the Analytics API is by invite only, please reach out to your Marketplacer Technical Account Manager for more information.