GraphQL How To…

In this section you’ll find a series of quick “how to” guides that will help you get up and running with our GraphQL API faster.

How to work with IDs

This How To gives you an overview of how IDs work in the Marketplacer GraphQL API and how you work with them for the best results. We cover:

  • Format of GraphQL IDs
  • External IDs
  • Legacy IDs (if you’re also working with our REST API)

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How to use “Node” queries

Aside from using the pre-defined queries available through the GraphQL API, you can also leverage the power of the “Node” to query in a more generic fashion.

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How to Paginate

In this quick how to we take you through the basics of working with Pagination in GraphQL, we cover:

  • Cursors (moving forward and backwards)
  • Result set size

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How to Return & Refund

In this how to we take you through how to perform refunds and invoice amendments with GraphQL, we cover:

  • Key concepts and terms
  • Processes for refunding, e.g.: customer vs seller initiated, headless vs full-stack etc.
  • The GraphQL API calls you’ll need to make

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How to add metadata to Orders

In this article we explain how you can add custom “metadata” to orders, invoices and sellers, we cover:

  • Adding metadata to a new order with the orderCreate mutation
  • Adding metadata on an existing order, invoice or seller

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