Start Here

This is the best place to start to understand how the Connected Integration Blueprint is structured and how to use it.

What is the Connected Integration Blueprint

The Connected Integration Blueprint (CIB) has been designed to get Operators (and SI Partners) up and running as efficiently as possible when developing a Connected Integration into Marketplacer.

It is structured as a straightforward, step by step guide, that will take you through the critical path of typical development activities.

Playbook Structure

The CIB takes you through different levels of abstraction to enable you to form a solution: starting with the flow of data, we then move to look at the specific integration points that could be used to move data, then finally we look at some architectural configurations that could be employed.

Connected Integration Blueprint

Intended Audience

Anyone is welcome to read the CIB, but the expected audience would typically be an Architect or Developer evaluating, scoping or designing an integration into Marketplacer.

Required Reading

While you should be able to read the CIB without any prior knowledge of the Marketplacer platform, we’d suggest:

  • You take a look at our Glossary to familiarize yourself with some key Marketplacer terms and concepts
  • Watch the following API overview video to help contextualize the integration points available

What’s Next

Next we look at the core data flows in a typical Connected Integration.