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Introduction to the playbook, what it covers, (what it does not cover!), and what you will learn.

About this Playbook

This playbook is intended to assist existing users of the Legacy Marketplacer Seller API (which is REST-based) migrate to the strategic Seller API solution (which is GraphQL based). It could also prove to be a useful resource for those users thinking about building a new Seller integration into Marketplacer but have limited experience of the GraphQL API design pattern.

What we will cover

  • The high-level fundamentals of the REST and GraphQL approaches
  • The differences and similarities between them
  • Why Marketplacer is focusing on GraphQL
  • Mapping the REST endpoints to the equivalent GraphQL queries and mutations
  • Mapping the fields returned from the REST endpoints to those returned by the GraphQL queries

By the end of the playbook you should have a good understanding of how to use GraphQL Seller API to achieve the same outcomes as the REST equivalent.

This playbook will not…

  • Advocate that “GraphQL is better than REST”
    • This has no useful purpose and is kind of nonsensical anyway…
  • Be a full tutorial on GraphQL, while we will cover the relevant Marketplacer GraphQL queries and mutations, as well as some basic GraphQL fundamentals, this playbook is not a full tutorial on working with GraphQL.
  • Cover how webhooks can be used to build Seller Integrations
    • While webhooks are available to Sellers, and are a fantastic integration option in many scenarios, the scope of this playbook is firmly rooted in comparing the 2 APIs only.