Connected Integration Walkthrough

A walkthrough of a typical Connected Integration.


In this video we look at the typical data flows that you would expect in a Connected Integration. We then use the Marketplacer API collection and webhooks to simulate how that data may traverse between Marketplacer and the Connected Integration (and vice-versa).


We will be using the Marketplacer Operator API collection for Postman in this video, so you may find it useful to view to how we set this up if you have not done so already.

We also use webhooks in this video, and while we set these up step by step, the separate deep-dive video does provide additional detail and insights:


  • Connected Integration overview
  • API Review
  • Common Data Flows
  • Tooling Overview
  • Setting Up a Webhook
  • Querying Sellers
  • Querying Products
  • Creating an Order
  • Generate a Shipment Webhook