Member settings on marketplace

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type MemberSettings {
  • # True if advanced amendments flow is enabled.
  • advancedAmendmentsEnabled: Boolean!
  • # True if advanced refunds flow is enabled.
  • advancedRefundsEnabled: Boolean!
  • # Legacy Seller Portal is disabled for all Sellers. This will mean any links to
  • # the legacy portal will be redirected.
  • disableLegacySellerPortal: Boolean!
  • # True if the business registration code of the seller should be hidden from view.
  • hideSellerBusinessRegistrationCode: Boolean!
  • id: ID!
  • # List of keys that can be used to set line item metadata on an invoice line item.
  • lineItemMetadataExposed: [String!]!
  • # ExternalIDs set on the order at creation through the API.
  • orderExternalIdsExposed: [String!]!
  • }