Site wide advert settings for a marketplace

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type AdvertSettings {
  • allowedSaleTypes: [AdvertSaleTypeEnum!]
  • # If true, advert auto mapping feature is enabled.
  • autoMappingEnabled: Boolean!
  • defaultSaleType: AdvertSaleTypeEnum
  • # If true, allows the use of free-text and multi-select variant option types.
  • freeTextVariantOptionTypeEnabled: Boolean!
  • id: ID!
  • # If true, enables imperial units of measurement for Comparable Unit Pricing
  • # fields.
  • imperialUnitsEnabled: Boolean!
  • # If true, optional option types are enabled.
  • optionalOptionTypesEnabled: Boolean! @deprecated( reason: "Optional option type is enabled for all, therefore this setting is redundant. This field will be removed no sooner than 2024-09-01" )
  • # If true, enables adding a product to cart directly from the search results page.
  • permitsCartQuickView: Boolean!
  • # True if we want to show seller location on the advert.
  • showLocationOnAdvertTile: Boolean!
  • # True if price types should be shown.
  • showPriceTypes: Boolean!
  • # True if we want to show the Therapeutic Warning Labels fields and option.
  • therapeuticGoodsLabellingEnabled: Boolean!
  • }