Line item on a refund request.

Either a line item ID (which must be a line item from the invoice to which this refund request is related) and a reason OR both custom and amountPerItem must be supplied.

If you supply a line item ID you must supply a reason and cannot supply custom or amountPerItem. You should also supply the dispatched flag: In January 2022 you will be required to supply the dispatched flag in this case.

If you supply custom and amountPerItem then you cannot supply a line item ID, reason or dispatched flag.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input RefundRequestLineItemInput {
  • # ID of the invoice line item to which this refund request line item refers.
  • lineItemId: ID
  • # Custom line item (e.g. return postage refund) description.
  • custom: String
  • # Amount per item to be refunded. Denominated in cents.
  • amountPerItemCents: Int
  • # Reason the refund is being requested for this line item.
  • reason: String
  • # Quantity of the item for which a refund is being requested.
  • quantity: Int!
  • # True if this line item only changes the amount to reclaim from the retailer
  • # (remittance). Only a marketplace operator can supply this field.
  • onlyRemittance: Boolean
  • # This determines if the line item is a cancellation (not yet shipped) or a
  • # return. For a cancellation, mark this as false; For a return, mark this as true
  • dispatched: Boolean
  • # Notes to create.
  • notes: [RefundRequestNoteInput!]
  • # The status to start the refund request line item in.
  • status: RefundRequestLineItemCreateStatusEnum
  • # IDs used by external systems to fetch Prototypes
  • externalIds: [KeyValueInput!]
  • # Metadata key/value pairs
  • metadata: [KeyValueInput!]
  • }