Line items associated with an invoice amendment.

Either lineItemId OR custom must be supplied, not both.

If lineItemId is supplied, you should also supply the dispatched flag: In January 2022 you will be required to supply the dispatched flag in this case.

Quantity should be positive.

Amount should be negative for a refund.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input InvoiceAmendmentLineItemInput {
  • # ID of the invoice line item to which this amendment line item refers.
  • lineItemId: ID
  • # Text of the amendment line item, if and only if lineItemId is not supplied.
  • custom: String
  • # Quantity of this item to be amended.
  • quantity: Int!
  • # Does this refer to dispatched or not-yet-dispatched line items?
  • dispatched: Boolean
  • # Total amount for each item. Negative for a refund.
  • total: MoneyInputField
  • # Amount per unit for each item. Multiplied by quantity to get total for this
  • # line. Negative for a refund. Denominated in cents.
  • amountCents: Int
  • # Status of the amendment line item.
  • status: InvoiceAmendmentLineItemStatusEnum!
  • # Reason for refunding the line item.
  • reason: String
  • }